Over the last decade sport Karate has entered the new age, athletes demonstrate more athleticism as they evolve the sport with the ever changing of rules and physical demands. Perfection of technique, timing and etiquette is the foundation and tradition that sport karate is built on. Our fore fathers were at the cutting edge of their art, they were scholars of anatomy & physiology, veterans of war and master technicians that were constantly working to expand the boundaries of their art.

The 2012 Olympics being held here in England has created a wave of sporting interest from all fractions of our communities, the real winner is ‘sport’ itself whether WKF Karate has Olympic status or not.The scientific advances have accelerated the government promotion of healthier lifestyles and the culture of the ‘must win’ mind set has been fostered.

‘Kaizencentral’ is committed to the continuous development of sport Karate pooling the experience of our coaches and consults some of England’s foremost scientific minds to achieve excellence. This website will explore the holistic components that best achieve these goals for the development and nurture of our athletes. Coaching methods and philosophies, sports psychology and cognitive science, strength and conditioning, nutrition, sports injury prevention and treatment advice is available, geared toward the Karate athlete peaking for specific events.

You can take advantage of our performance workshops or our personal (and confidential) online advice service bringing all the elements together to guide you through developing your own training programme enabling you to reach your full potential.